Owner & Landlord Representation


Property & Price Assessment

Property pricing involves numerous inherent and external factors, including: comparable sales, tax value, competitive properties, zoning, traffic counts, geotechnical studies, environmental assessment and regulation, access to public utilities, soil surveys, demographics, topography, amongst others. We maximize seller profitability and buyer satisfaction with the right analysis, information, and pricing.


Market Strategy & Tactics

Coupled with local industry expertise, strategic marketing increases profits and the pace of project completion. We leverage a unique blend of leading edge and traditional tactics such as aerial photography and video, digital marketing, and collateral to maximize your property’s exposure to our network, the brokerage community, and all potential buyers, to bolster success.


Negotiation & Closing

From the onset of the opportunity to closing, we are your trusted partners. We represent and advise you throughout the entirety of the transaction process to minimize risk and maximize value.

Real Estate Aerial Photography & Video

Drone video and photography is a great way to showcase your office.

Drone photography and video offers new ways to market and sell property. Together, it allows for the creation of a visual story for expansive properties and highlights their proximity to key infrastructure and geographies. In addition, aerial imagery has been shown to help sell properties faster, trends better online, and garners more clicks.

Ryan Kinney is an insured, FAA certified drone pilot. He not only captures the visual content but can also edit to ensure the highest quality media.

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